Seuss Says: Spend Less Than You Make

Gather ‘round my friends, I’ve a story to tell.

I need your full attention, I’d rather not yell.


This story’s about money, It don’t grow on a tree.

But if you have enough, it can make you free.


Freedom is not something found in a store,

Like a ball, or a bat, or the game Connect Four.


But, make no mistake, freedom is something you buy

With a little hard work, but more importantly—time.



Of course, those in-the-know, would have you believe

That this path to freedom is some complicated weave.


Nonsense! I say. There’s nothing further from truth.

Just, look at me. I’m real living proof!


I’m not special or favored, a real salt-of-the-earth.

I spent less than I earned, and I tracked my net worth.


But, you might say, “Spending less is so hard”

Inflation! Children! It’s just not in the cards!”


Calm down, good Sir, no need to get snappy.

If you want to spend less, buy what makes you happy.


“Well, okay” you respond, “you middle-class bum,”

“’Earning more’ is also not easily done.”


Making money is easy, you need not time nor be clever,

In fact, trading time for more money is a foolish endeavor.


Just think like you’re rich, have your cash make you cash,

you’ll increase your income, overnight, in a flash!


With your money invested, it makes money for you

A lie this is not, it’s undoubtedly true.


Interest and dividends may start out in a trickle—

Quarters, and dimes, and buffalo nickels.


But sooner or later, without excitement or thrill

Those dividends will turn into whole dollar bills!


And when dollars compound, they make dollars once more

One becomes two, and two become four.


A few years go by, and before you can see,

Your money has become like a small employee.


“If this were so easy, so simple, so true,

Then the average person would retire before sixty-two!”


“There must be more to it, there must be more to do.

I need specifics, dear friend, for your point to come through.”


Ah Ha! Don’t you see! That’s just where you’re wrong!

It is just so simple; Occam’s Razor lives on!


There are finer points, sure, but they will come later, too

401k’s and taxes, food costs and school.


Do these things matter? Well sure, if I jest.

But, spend less than you make, and invest the rest.


Spend less than you make, and the hard part is done.

And measure progress on paper, and you’ve all but won.


Soon you will see your net worth grow and grow

Like it rolls down a hill—a ball made of snow.


You’ll makes mistakes, and not always know when.

But, don’t give up, friend, and get up again.


And sooner than you could ever conceive,

You’ll have enough money; enough to be free.


Thanks for reading!



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