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You only have so much time in a day, right? I’ve ranked some of my favorite blogs, below, based on entertainment value, ease of reading, and relevance. Start with the Gold Medalists and work your work through. These are all awesome blogs, though, regardless of the medal color.

Gold Medal Blogs

Living a FI – The Best One Out There

Mr. Money Mustache – The Godfather

Financial Samurai – FI For The 1%

Raptitude – This is How I Want to Think.

James Altucher – The Ultra Entrepreneur

1500 Days – A Lot of Everything

Broke Girl Rich – Really, Really Great

Silver Medal Blogs

FI Fighter – Real Estate Hustlin’ Like No Tomorrow

No More Waffles – Funny

Retire By 40 – A Whole Person Retirement Approach

Passive Income Pursuit – Best RSS Sidebar On The FI Web

Retire Before Dad – Makes Me Want To Listen

Root of Good – Already In The Promised Land

Bronze Medal Blogs

Cash Flow Diaries – Transparency 101

The Wealth Brick Road – The Retire29 of Canada. A Special Place In My Heart.

Afford Anything – FI Lifestyle From Many Angles

Dividend Hustler – Crazy Money

Fiscal Mentality – I’m The Only Reader

Rockstar Finance – The Google of the FI Blogosphere

If your blog is not here then I’m probably just missing out. Throw me a message if I need to expand my horizons.


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